b. 1986, HK.



My name is Dino Lauando and I'm an Industrial Designer from Queens, New York. My work covers a wide range of creative fields ranging from woodworking and rapid prototyping, to product and brand development.

As a designer, my objective is to create meaningful and well-designed products that help solve problems — simple or difficult. In an age where much of society relies on products to carry out and assist with tasks, it is important to design with the user in mind. How can I create a product that will develop and share a meaningful relationship with them? And how can this product benefit them in the long run, even past the products lifetime? These two questions are crucial to my design process as it serves as the foundation of what I can create and deliver to the world.

As of July 2017, two colleagues and I founded ThinkBooth, a brand and product development company. Our mission is to create and grow brands and products following this ethos.

You can view my CV here.